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Mover New York: moving and storage How to Fight off Moving Anxiety

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Moving is generally thought of as a hassle. Regardless of the move being local or international, the mere process of relocating can cause a great deal of stress. But you can make things easier for you and your family by following some basic guidelines.
The key to making a successful transition to and from the Big Apple is choosing a professional and reliable NYC mover like Mover New York, who can offer you the best relocating services including express assistance to last minute moving.

The moving company you choose will be responsible for your possessions all throughout the move. Make sure they are in good hands:

  • Local Movers in New York

    Moving locally means that you will be charged by the hour. As such, your mover has to know the process and the area well enough to avoid all possible delays. Mover New York has more than enough experience to assure you of a safe, efficient move.

  • International Movers

    An international move involves many bureaucratic requirements. Mover New York can help you meet these requirements to keep your move from becoming too complicated.

  • Packing Before Moving

    Whether you plan on doing your packing yourself or having your mover do it for you, always see to it that your carrier offers suitable packing accessories and supplies. Remember that your boxes should be able to withstand a long journey by land, sea, or air, and must therefore be adequately packed.

  • Insurance

    Make it a point to ask your New York mover about its insurance policy. Mover New York provides the best possible moving insurance, which includes liability coverage for any damage sustained during the move.

  • Storage

    If you require storage services for your household goods, you can arrange them with your New York mover. Mover New York offers quality storage anywhere in New York and even places outside the city limits.

  • Green Moving

    Environmentally conscious people can apply their green lifestyle to their moving process too. Conventional moves plug landfills with cardboard boxes, bubble warp, old appliances, and other miscellaneous items. Non biodegradable waste can sit for thousands of years and extensively hurt our environment. Make a point to reduce non biodegradable waste during your moving process by recycling moving supplies and donating unwanted items. Green moving is simple to conduct and saves you money otherwise spent on moving accessories. Most importantly, eco-friendly moves can go a long way at saving our environment.

  • Long Distance Movers

    If you are planning a move that will cross state lines, then your NYC mover must be sanctioned by relevant authorities. Mover New York has been authorized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to carry out interstate moves.

  • Residential and Commercial Moving

    Mover New York's comprehensive services include piano moving, furniture moving, computer moving, and various other house and office moving services that cover everything you need to get done.

  • Checklist

    Moving to and from New York is easier to handle if you're organized. Prepare a checklist with all the necessary do's and don'ts of relocating and go over them with your mover. Mover New York will be happy to provide tips and guidelines to help you through the moving process.

  • Bill of Lading

    This is a contract signed between you and your mover, which also functions as a receipt of your goods. Read this document thoroughly, and make sure you fully understand and accept its terms before you sign it.

Remember: before moving to a new location, make sure that the plumbing infrastructure works well, it might save you calling a plumber in the future.

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