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Without professional packing, your art and antiques may be damaged during a move. Skilled art and antique movers give your valuables the respect their old age commands, in the form of special art and antique packing. Crates and cushioning wrapping are provided so you can enjoy your most prized belongings at your new destination.

Before moving day, it is highly advised to professionally appraise your art and antique collection, and further document your valuables with clear photographs. If you rather have a skilled art and antiques movers pack effectively your most prized possessions, keep in mind to point out your valuable collection when Mover New York representative comes to quote your overall moving cost. The art and antiques movers must prepare in advance the packing equipment for each art or antique piece you wish to relocate with you. A custom crate is constructed around the wrapped valuable to ensure correct fit, and proper protection from extreme temperature conditions. With or without crating, heavy art and antique pieces will be wrapped in thick cushioning pads and firmly secured inside the moving truck to avoid transit shifting.

Although DIY art and antiques packing may only intensify damage potential, if you rather pack your own valuables, then keep in mind the basic principles of packing art and antiques. Always lift, never drag heavy furniture, otherwise not only excessive pressure is placed on fragile antique legs, but the surface of the piece may be extensively scratched. Antique chairs should be picked from underneath the seat, not by the arms or head rest. Tables should be disassembled with top and legs wrapped and packed separately; at the very least tables should be lifted by the apron, and not by the top or the legs. Delicate handles should be removed and taped inside drawers for safe moving. Glass panels, mirrors, and doors should be taped and properly secured with rubber straps and padding.

Art and antique movers New York are dedicated to relocate your valuable belongings in perfect condition to your new destination.

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