How Are Long Distance Moves Calculated?

The cost of hiring a long distance moving company is normally a primary consideration during relocation. This is because it can take away a considerable percentage of your funds. To safeguard your hard-earned money, it is highly essential to have ample knowledge on how long distance moving costs are calculated. Mover New York experts will be happy to provide additional tips and clarifications.

Unlike local moving wherein the cost is calculated depending on the span of time involved, long distance moving charges are based on the volume and weight of items to be shipped as well as the distance covered. However, the weight is given much importance among the three.

Here is a guide on how you can be assured that you get your money’s worth the moment you obtain services from professional moving companies.

  • Be There During the Weigh-In – During the scheduled date of moving, the driver of the company you hired will have the container truck weighed prior and after your items are loaded inside. To ensure that exact weights are used for the computation of the charge, witness the weigh-ins and personally ask for printed copies of the tare and gross weights. This is also to ascertain that no other items are inside the truck during the weigh-in as in some cases, trucks hold goods from different household owners that are to be transported to same destination.
  • Ask For Calculation Formula – Know the basis for computation of fees and how much they charge for every ton or kilogram.
  • Do Not Bring Everything – If you have heavy stuff that is not very useful, or items that have low market value, it is wiser to dispose of them prior moving.
  • Know in Advance the Labor Difference Cost – Ask your long distance moving company how the difference in labor cost will affect their service charge. If you are relocating from Kansas to New York, expect for the labor cost in New York to be higher.

Experienced in long distance moves, Mover New York will transport your belongings across the country expertly and skillfully, and at an affordable budget.

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