How to Handle your Cat during Long Distance Moves

Unlike dogs, cats stress incredibly during traveling. Therefore planning a long distance move with your cat is not an easy task. In addition to being on top of the moving process, you must also ensure the well-being of your furry friend during the journey. Whether you are planning to transport your Persian, Siamese, or American Shorthair cat to your new home in a car - be advised that no cat breed likes car rides, especially if they are long. During long car rides, felines can show signs of high anxiety like heavy breathing, nonstop scratching and ear piercing wailing. Mover New York has relocated many people with cats and gathered the following tips on how to handle your kitty during long distance moves:

1. Visit your cat's veterinarian weeks before your set moving date. Veterinarians can prescribe safe sedatives that you can give your cat before travel to lower his or hers stress levels during the long distance journey. Sedatives take time to kick in so be sure to give medication to your cat some time before the intended car ride. Embed sedative in a soft food treat that your cat will enjoy eating up without resistance. Under no circumstances should you increase dosage without permission from your vet.

2. Equip you car with a well ventilated pet carrier to accommodate your cat during the journey. Darkness and warmth created by placing a thin towel over the opening of the carrier will work to calm down your pet.

3. Feed and water your furry companion during the ride. Bring extra towels to dry the carrier and your car's upholstery should your cat have accidents during the journey.

Conducting a move with a pet like a cat is no picnic but is doable all the same. Care for your cat during the journey and be attentive to his or hers needs for a stress free relocation.

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