How to move with Cats and Dogs and stay Sane

Moving is hard enough without the added stress of moving with pets. Without proper organization, our cats and dogs can freak out during the moving process and turn from best friends to worst enemies. Normal routine is key for successful pet moving. As long as you keep faithful to the normal routine of your cat or dog during moving day, the more safe and secure they will feel to move out of their familiar and comfortable environment.

Avail of Mover New York's tips on how to move with Pets and stay sane.

Plan Ahead & Keep Up Normal Routine

Cats and dogs can stress out when their routine in disrupted. Plan your move many weeks in advance so that your pet's routine is kept as much as possible during moving day.

Secure & Safe

During moving day as full movers work to haul your belongings out and into the truck, keep your cat or dog out of the way for both the movers and your pet's sake. On the one hand you don't want movers to trip over your cat while carrying the piano, and on the other hand you don't want your cat to stress over the chaos of moving. One solution is to place your pet in a safe and secure room such as the bathroom. Make the room off limits to movers by hanging a sign on the door – NO ENTRY. Make sure that you supply your dog with water, food and toys to play with and keep busy. Another alternative is purchasing a high quality, sturdy carrier to keep your pet safely confined in. Buy the carrier ahead of time and progressively familiarize your dog or cat to spending time in it.

New ID Tag

Prepare for your pet a new ID tag with your new address and contact information. When lost, an updated ID tag is your dog's golden ticket home.

Car Trip

Moving pets by car may prove tricky as dogs and cats react differently to car rides. While most dogs enjoy car rides, cats feel uncomfortable in such situations. When moving by car factor in your pet's well being. If your dog enjoys a car ride, you might want to accustom him to a restraining harness. The best way to transport cats is in well ventilated, secured carriers. Make sure you don't leave your pets locked inside cars when you stop off for refreshments. When leaving pets in parked vehicles you expose them to the dangers of being hurt or stolen.

Veterinarian Guidance

Consult with the vet on the proper course of action to lessen your pet's stress levels. Take the opportunity to acquire from your vet specific health certificates and pet permits for your new destination.

Animal Friendly Hotels

Book in advance pet friendly hotels when your journey will take more than a day to complete.

New Home

Returning to the normal routine point, try and prepare ahead your new home for your pet. Food, water, litter box, and bed should be put in advance to minimize stress levels in your pet when arriving to an unfamiliar destination.

Prepare in advance to moving day to keep your pet's normal routine in tact, and transport your cat or dog in a stress free environment.

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