How to Pack Right for Christmas Moving

With Christmas just around the corner bringing the hustle and bustle of holiday season, moving can become ten times more challenging than ever. Simplification is the key factor for successful relocations during the month of December. Mover New York offers you a packing process that will simplify your holiday relocation and leave you spare time to handle your Christmas preparations.

1. Presents are not your only worry before Christmas. Make a point to buy your presents weeks in advance, and include in your shopping trip also moving box hunting. As you buzz in and out of stores look for unwanted cardboard boxes that you can pack your belongings in. On your way home from your shopping, stop at your local hardware store for packing tape, colored markers and other packing supplies.
2. Allocate for each room boxes and packing tape.
3. Assign each room a color so that your cardboard boxes are labeled with different colors according to the rooms they belong to. This will create a color-code system for your movers to know which box goes where - red boxes for the living room and green for the bathroom, etc.

1. In each room start packing your infrequently used items such as out-of-season clothes, knickknacks, beddings and more.
2. After packing, sealing and color-coding a box – label the box with a number and a list of contents. Your infrequently used items will go in box 1 and 2 while your most frequently used objects will go into boxes 3, 4, and 5. At your new home start unpacking from the higher numbered boxes and gradually move your way to lower numbered ones i.e. – from frequently used articles to infrequently ones.
3. Create an inventory list of your numbered boxes. You will use this list to tick off each box movers unload and haul to your new home.
4. Pack a separate box for your most essential items you cannot do without such as warm clothes, medications, documents, valuables and any other item you need. Carry this box with you on moving day.

1. Guide movers where to place each box according to your color system. Arrange furniture accordingly before unpacking your boxes.
2. Unpack first your children rooms, your bedroom and kitchen. Set up beds so that your family can rest adequately after a long and stressful day. Avoid hunger attacks that slow you down by preparing the kitchen early so that you can have snack breaks and dinners as you unpack the rest of your home.
3. In each room start unpacking higher numbered boxes.
4. After emptying a box, dissemble it and discard it before opening a new box. If possible try and take your used boxes to a local recycling center or give them to family or friends that are getting ready their winter move out.

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