What Costs to Include with D.I.Y Moving

Regardless of distance, the mere process of relocating can cause a great deal of stress, both mentally and economically. Professional moving companies work to take away moving stress with full service movers to take care of packing, shipping and unpacking at the new destination, if only the loading, shipping, and unloading.

When moving budget will not cover full service movers, a cost effective alternative is self service mover who drives your belonging to your new destination while you pack, load, unload and unpack. Full or self service movers are designed to keep unnecessary moving stress to a minimum. People consider moving independently the most inexpensive moving option, and when budget is low DIY moving is regarded as a cost-effective alternative to professional full or partial moving services. With stress levels rocketing sky high along with the demanding requirements of the moving process, we are sacrificing our mental and physical well being for a lower moving cost. Yet are we really saving money with independent moving?

Costs of moving independently to keep in mind:

Moving and Packing Accessories – Apart from boxes of all sizes, tape, markers, labels, remember that heavy furniture need protective enclosures including crates, furniture pads, and dollies to assist loading heavy objects.
Truck Rental Charges – Many belongings require a moving truck to transfer from door to door. Keep in mind that truck rental charges peak during "moving season" between May to September. Rental charges do not include state taxes.

Time value - Doing alone what professional movers are paid to do, including loading shipping and unloading at the new destination, consumes your time entirely. Multiple your average hourly wage by the total number of hours it will take you and your helpers to pack all belongings, pick-up the truck, load, drive, unload, return the truck, and unpack.

Appliance servicing – Typically professional art & antique movers handle heavy objects such as refrigerators, washing machines, pianos, antique furniture, from packing to loading to strapping them securely in the truck, to prevent priceless damage during transit.

Without professional experience with piano moving, and other heavy objects, you may risk damage your heavy possessions. You can hire appliance service to ensure proper handling of your heavy possessions, only to add additional costs to your moving budget.

Moving Insurance – You need to purchase truck liability insurance as well as property damage insurance, but keep in mind that both insurance do not cover theft, so your belongings remain without protection throughout the transition. If you are relocating with your vehicle, then you will need to purchase additional insurance to cover damages that occur during the towing.

With DIY moving you might be saving on money, but it will be on the expense of your family's mental and physical well being. The added value of a professional moving company is that it will take care of the difficult aspects of moving day.

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