How to Move Out with a Dog

All dog types from Labrador Retrievers to Yorkshire Terriers and German Shepherds grow attached to their homes and find it difficult to move out. Follow Mover New York helpful tips on how to move with a dog.

Moving Out
1. Keep your dog as comfortable as possible when leaving your old home.
2. Dogs strive in routines. Try to stick to your dog's routine and pack your pet's bed, toys and other equipment at the very last moment.
3. During and after the move, surround your pet with familiar objects and favorite toys.
4. Prevent, or at least minimize your dog's travel sickness during long distance journeys - by not feeding your pet 12 hours prior to the journey.

Air Travels
Book direct flights. During connecting flights, dogs are transported as freight and therefore may sit out cold and hot weather while baggage is loaded and unloaded. Most airline companies allow small dogs like poodles to travel in cabin with you. In such cases, airlines provide their different specifications regarding your pet's carrier.

Car Rides
1. Don't leave your dog locked in the car while you enjoy a refreshment break. Temperatures inside cars can skyrocket during hot weather and hurt your dog's health.
2. Don't let your dog hang his head outside the window for long periods of time. This can cause stinging eyes, sore throat and tender ears.
3. Cut your dog's nails before the long ride to prevent damaged car upholstery.

Arrival at Destination
1. Whether you owe a beagle or a bulldog – every dog loves routine. Establish your pet's routine as soon as you arrive at your new home.
2. Take your dog for frequent walks in your new neighborhood, and allow your pet to adjust to his or hers new living arrangements.
3. Help your dog settle in quickly by setting up a comfortable sleeping area with your pet's equipment.

With the right preparation, patience and good will your move with pets will be stress free.

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