How to Pack your Electronics

Packing is not a time to take shortcuts when it comes to your expensive electrical products. Learn with Mover New York how to protect your electrical gear when you make your move.

1. Avail of the manufacturer instructions for packing and storing your PCs, DVDs, VCRs and other electrical products.

2. Save the original boxes and packing material you bought your electrical products in - this way you can move them in their original containers for maximum protection. Without the original packing - wrap your electrical products with newspaper, place in sturdy cartons, and seal completely with packing tape to keep out dust.

3. As you unplug and dissemble your computers, stereos and other electrical products mark which cord plugs into which outlet with color coordinated stickers. Color coded labels will save you the time and frustration of trying to figure where each cord connects.

4. Wrap your electronics in linens to reduce damage caused by dust invading electronic devices. Cover your electronic gear with light blankets, sheets or moving pads for added protection.

5. On each closed box make a list of inside components. This will save you time looking for different parts when reassembling your electrical gear in your new home.

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