How to pick the right for you Moving Quote

The Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration urge moving consumers to research several moving companies before hiring one. Collecting free moving quotes in writing from different movers is a good starting point. Reputable moving companies issue competitive moving estimates in close proximity. Unusually low moving should be altogether avoided. Scam movers provide low moving rates to lure customers into their trap, and bump up the moving price once your belongings are in their hands.

Free moving quotes can be guaranteed only after an in-home inspection of your belongings has been conducted. The weight of your belongings together with the moving distance will influence your total moving cost. There are three different types of moving estimates that you can choose from: non-binding, binding and "not to exceed":

"Not to Exceed": This type of moving quote cannot be exceeded, and is calculated from the weight of your belongings together with the moving distance. Even if the weight of your belongings exceeds calculated weight, you still pay the original quote whereas a lighter load entitles you to a lower moving price than what was quoted originally.

Binding: You are bonded to a fixed moving rate making irrelevant weight or moving distance.

Non-Binding: Weight plays a major role in non-binding moving quotes, as you pay a set price per every pound of total mass of your belongings. Your belongings are weighted to formulate the final moving price. If the final moving cost exceeds original non-binding estimate then the mover is legally allowed to charge up to 10% on top of the original moving quote. The law requires the mover to deliver all belongings to your new destination while you have 30 days to pay the additional amount.

Mover New York offers free moving quotes so you can better approximate your total moving budget.

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