How to Move Fish to your New Home

A move with pets is never an easy task, and requires prior planning and preparation. The best advice on moving fish and other aquarium life beyond very short distances is not to move them at all. As travel is very stressful on fish, expect to lose some of your stock during the journey. Reconsider selling your fish and buying a new stock at your destination over moving your populated aquarium.

Despite the risk involved in moving fish, many people still choose to transport their fish to their new homes. If you are planning to move your fish too, avail of the following helpful tips by mover New York to minimize loss of fish during travel.

Do not attempt to move fish and other aquarium life in their tank - move the empty tank, and later the fish.

Moving the Aquarium
Without a flow of oxygen-laden water, aerobic bacteria die under a day. A local move under an hour drive may enable you to preserve your bacteria colony, but beyond the hour you may need to restart the bacteria.

1. Put your fish in a container.
2. Drain the tank. If your move will be short keep some of the water to preserve your bacteria colony.
3. Dissemble the tank. Aquarium plants can survive many hours if their roots are kept wet – therefore bag them with water, and move them by hand.
4. If your move will be short, place your filter medium in a sealed container without cleaning it. Clean or dispose of your filter if you are moving longer distances.
5. Pack heaters and pumps like any other fragile item.
6. Move the aquarium by yourself.
7. Reassemble aquarium in your new destination. If your move was local, then fill tank with treated water preserved in step 2. After a long distance move, set your tank as new with a week long delay before inserting back your fish.

Moving Fish
When draining the tank place your fish in container big enough to accommodate your stock. Packing your fish is a different story all together. For a move of a couple of hours - pack your fish in sealed bags, half-filled with oxygen. Place sealed bags in a padded container. For larger fish or longer distances - place each fish in a sealed bucket.

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