How to Obtain an Accurate Free Moving Quote

Moving estimates not only help customers to better approximate overall moving budget, but are further used to distinguish professional moving companies from rogue operations. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns against scam moving companies, and urges customer to carry out an in depth research before selecting the mover of your choice. Researching the moving industry requires the gathering of several free moving quotes from numerous moving companies, for the purpose of effective comparison.

Moving estimates that are given over the phone should be ignored if not followed with an in-home inspection of actual belongings. Written moving quotes prevent sudden moving price bump-ups that are often reported by people who have fallen prey to scam moving operations.

Your aim is not only to obtain at least 3 written moving quotes, but moreover to make sure that they are as accurate as can be. A representative from the moving company should visit your home and physically go over all of your belongings that need to be shipped. The moving representative will formulate an inventory document listing all of the articles to be moved, and prepare a moving price based on the calculated weight together with the moving distance. Your inventory record is the most important shipping document, make sure all copies are legible, all items are numbered, and described correctly. After putting the packing & shipping phase behind you, the inventory record will help you check that all of your belongings have arrived safely at your destination.

To make moving estimates as accurate as possible, follow Mover New York tips:

Spring Clean:
Before the moving representative arrives at your residence or office purge your home from unwanted or unused items. As every item you move with you adds to net weight and therefore increases the moving cost, throw away, sell or donate unwanted belongings.

Show All:
It is in your best interest to show the moving representative all of your belongings, so he or she in return can devise an accurate moving quote. Close to precise moving estimates will help you stick to your budget, and will go a long way in preventing any unforeseen moving costs.

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