How to Prepare for Green Moving

Today's conventional moving process plugs landfills with volumes of unfriendly to the environment waste from cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, masking tape, and paper. In addition to the toxic pollutants omitted from the moving truck during the long journeys, the standard relocation generates non biodegradable waste that can sit for thousands of years and damage our environment. Apart from causing extensive damage to the environment that cannot be undone, the above packing materials are expensive, and set off great moving stress with their all together inefficiency. For this reason green house and business moves are on the rise to protect our environment while simultaneously saving on substantial money.

Follow Mover New York tips on how to prepare for eco friendly moves

  1. No Throwing Away – Our objective is to reduce throwing away frequencies in an effort to lower the accumulation of non biodegradable matter in landfills. The key is to reduce the volumes of unwanted items that we accumulate over the years because less items we collect the less we throw away. A good starting point is to reduce our shopping trips which in the long run will also save us money otherwise spent on items we don't really need. Beyond what may already be too late to undo, before residential packing instead of throwing unwanted objects simply sell in a neighborhood garage sale or donate to people and organizations. Give away your unwanted books, old magazines, CDs and DVDs to your local library, and donate your unused computer to nearby schools.
  2. Finish Up – We store food only to throw away canned tuna and dry pasta once we move out. Rid yourself from the habit of throwing away left over food, and instead try and eat up stored food in the pantry and freezer about two month before your relocation. This way you save up on unnecessary waste and avoid costly trips to the supermarket. Nearing moving day and food is still in abundance? Give away to neighbors and donate to local homeless shelters.
  3. Reuse packing & shipping supplies.
    Try and avoid buying new moving supplies and instead collect from local shops used boxes and old newspapers. Make a point to start gathering used moving supplies at least a month in advance to moving day to ensure you have sufficient packing material. Reusing moving supplies means that less waste arrives at the landfill to sit and accumulate for years to come. Think on the money you save from recycling existing material instead of purchasing brand new equipment.
  4. Suitcases, worn fabrics and bathroom towels – Even if you are reusing existing moving & packing accessories still make a point of minimizing your usage by packing clothes and accessories in empty suitcases. Take hold of worn garments including old curtains, bed covers and old clothes together with bathroom towels to function in place of bubble wrap, and cover fragile items.

Moving green does not only do wonders to the environment but also to your wallet. Indeed the added advantage of eco- friendly residential moving over conventional moving is the money you save up.

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