How to Pack the Kitchen

In residential moving processes no room is more daunting to pack than kitchens. As the hearts of the homes, kitchens should be kept accessible to all household members to the very last moment possible before moving day.

Mover New York offers the following helpful tips on how to pack up the kitchen:

1. Take 3 large boxes and label them – "donate", "throw", and "essential".

2. Go through all cupboards, pantries and drawers and take out all food items. Pack the "throw" box with expired food items. As the name implies – toss this box in the garbage. Try and throw recyclable items to the local recycle bin.

3. Good to eat leftovers and other food such as canned tuna and closed cereal containers place in the "donate" box and give away to local homeless kitchens. Any unused objects also place in the donate box. Don't pack open cleaning supplies that might spill open during the move and damage other boxes in the truck – instead give to neighbors or local charity centers.

4. Pack the "essential" labeled box with necessary items that you will need immediately in your new home such as sugar, coffee, salt, pepper, coffee maker, toaster, a couple of plates, cups, and forks and knives. Make sure not to pack perishable articles. Tight close all items and wrap fragile cutlery with a protective layer to withstand the journey ahead in one piece.

5. Start packing less used items such as fine china, wine glasses, table cloths, baking equipment, etc. Keep frequently used articles accessible for your convenience, and therefore pack them up lastly. Use bubble wrap or bathroom towels to protect fragile items from breaking during transit.

6. Professional moving companies will probably use crates and special wrapping material to pack refrigerators, ovens, microwaves and dishwashers. Nevertheless you might be required to remove drawers and shelves before movers can commence packing. Ask your movers how to prepare heavy kitchen appliances for the move, and accordingly have such items ready for moving day.

As a rule of thumb – label all boxes so you will know what box contains which appliance.

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