How to move your Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is probably the heaviest appliance you will need to move when changing locations. Refrigerators are heavy, awkward and can cause permanent damage to people who lack skill and equipment. Avail of Mover New York tips on how to move your refrigerator the right way:

1. Clear out contents
Remove contents from both the refrigerator and freezer. Donate perishable items and pack up any food that can withstand the journey and that you want to take with you.
Remove and pack magnets, pictures and any other objects you keep on your refrigerator's doors in a small container.

2. Unplug refrigerator and defrost your freezer
Depending on the state of your freezer – take as much as eight hours for defrosting. Overnight is the best time to defrost your freezer, and will enable you to wipe clean your refrigerator the following morning.

3. Remove loose items
Take out your door shelves and any other loose items in your refrigerator. Wrap shelves with moving blankets to avoid damage during the journey.

4. Secure doors
Wrap a strong cord or rope around the fridge to secure closed doors in place. Although tape will also prevent doors from opening during the move, you might ruin paint surface when removing the tape from your refrigerator.

6. Hire movers
A refrigerator is a very heavy appliance and requires the right lifting technique to avoid serious back damage. Professional movers are equipped with the right gear to haul, load and unload your refrigerator without damaging the appliance or their back. Protect your back and hire qualified movers to take care of heavy lifting on your behalf.

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