How to Fight off Moving Anxiety

A sample of people who moved were asked questions regarding their anxiety levels during their moving processes. 52% of the group answered that their moving anxiety was high while only 19% reported of low levels of anxiety. Scam, packing, damage, and many other fears inflate moving anxieties dramatically. High levels of anxiety can interfere with moving preparations and in fact make us live out our moving fears. Mover New York provides tips on how to lessen moving anxiety and stay focused during your moving process:

Fear of scam
People fear they might fall prey to scam moving traps and consequently develop high levels of anxiety. Unfortunately rogue movers exist and taint the moving industry considerably. The comforting fact is that scam movers occupy only a very small percentage of the moving market and with the right precautions you can protect yourself against such con-artists. Always strive to obtain at least 3 written moving quotes. Avoid brokers and talk directly to the mover or a representative of the moving company. Stay clear of very low-ball estimates.

Fear of so much to do in so little time
Finding movers, stocking on moving supplies, packing belongings, connecting to utilities in new location… - the list of moving tasks is long and challenging, and may overwhelm many people. Eliminate stress by starting your moving preparations at least 8 weeks in advance so that you can work your way down the list in good time. Formulate a moving plan, allocating each week a new task to complete.

Fear of damaged valuables
People get sentimentally attached to their objects, and naturally fear them damaged during the move. Cushioning fragile items, packing right and hiring professional movers will all work to minimize damage risks considerably. You can always opt for moving insurance for that extra protection.

Whenever moving anxiety creeps on you, breathe deeply and push the thought away. Advanced preparation and organization will go along way at diminishing moving fears that you might have.

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