A Moving Checklist Ensures a Simplified Moving Process

On average homeowners in the United States sell their homes and move every five to seven years. Although moving can be a stressful time for anyone, following a moving checklist can greatly simplify the moving day process and reduce unnecessary stress. An organized and efficient moving list can save you time, and unnecessary moving hardships.

Formulate a moving day checklist or rather a moving business checklist to facilitate a residential or commercial relocation. Include in your moving list all aspects of the moving process from item de-cluttering to packing and locating a professional and reliable moving company. A detailed moving checklist will accelerate moving preparations, reduce stress, and allow you to manage moving day with the utmost efficiency.

Follow Mover New York moving tips checklist:

  1. Packing supplies – For those of us who prefer to pack independently, expedite the packing process by gathering early on moving boxes, packing tape, markers for labeling and old newspaper or bubble wrap.
  2. De-clutter – Purge your house from unwanted objects, but don't discard, instead sell or donate unused items in the last two years. With fewer belongings, you pack and unpack fewer items, thereby hastening moving day considerably. During the spring clean also clean belongings, so at your new destination you don't need to waste time scrubbing away dirty furniture.
  3. Labeling – Be true to yourself, by the time you'll unpack at the new residence you'll forget which box contains which item. Label each box with its content and its destined room, so both the movers and you will know where to put things on move-in day.
  4. Packing – Turn your belongings into packing boxes to reduce the quantity of possessions to unload and unpack. Stuff empty luggage with clothes, tight-cover the mattress with big dust sheets, and bubble wrap fragile objects. Use small boxes rather than big ones, as many small boxes are easier to handle than a few heavy boxes. Position your packing close by the front door, so during moving day it's a quick exist to the loading truck, stepping up the loading process. On the other hand if you find the packing process a daunting experience, then you can always hire full service movers to pack away your belongings.
  5. Avoid cutting corners – Although moving by your self is most economical, professional movers will take care of the difficult aspects of moving day such as loading and unloading heavy belongings, and further locating art,antiques and other valuables in one piece to your new destination. Research the moving industry, and acquire at least three written moving quotes from several moving companies. A selection of written moving estimates enables price comparison, and further facilitates your decision on which company is best suited to your moving needs.

so you can sail smoothly to your new destination.

Before moving day devise a comprehensive moving day checklist to ensure a smooth sail away to your new destination.

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