How to Prepare for Moving Day

"How to prepare for my move?" is a frequently asked question by many who are planning to move. Indeed without the relevant guidance the moving preparation can be a never-ending task. After setting a moving date you can plunge head first into the moving preparation. De-cluttering, Efficient Packing, and a professional moving company are the secret ingredients for a stress free, smooth moving day.

De-cluttering: Before you start packing, purge the house of unwanted items. De-cluttering is a daunting task, but just keep in mind the mantra – "every piece of unwanted item you keep is one more item to load and unload", when trying to decide what needs throwing away. If you cannot make a decision, then follow the three box method for a simplified de-cluttering process. Take 3 boxes and label them: "keep and use", "Donate or sell", "keep and store". Turn out belongings, needed items place in "keep and use", those with sentimental value put in "keep and store", and items unused in the last two years place in the ""Donate or sell" box. You can sell such items at a garage sale or rather donate to a charity drop-off. The sooner you do this step, the easier your packing will be.

Packing: Four basic supplies to quicken the packing process and simultaneously maintain order are boxes, packing tape, markers for labeling and bubble warp for cushioning of fragile objects. Use empty luggage to pack as many clothes as you possibly can. It will save space and reduce the number of trips when loading and unloading. Wrap the mattress with big dust sheets or even garbage bags, and bubble wrap fragile objects. If boxes are becoming heavy while you are packing them, fill the space left with light objects such as linen, towels, cushions or soft toys. Use small boxes rather than big ones, many small boxes are easier to handle than a few heavy boxes. Be true to yourself, by the time you'll unpack at the new residence you'll forget which box contains which item. Label each box with its content and its destined room, so both the movers and you will know where to put things on move-in day. Position your packing, in one place, close by the front door, so during moving day it's a quick exist to the loading truck, stepping up the loading process. Depending on how much you want to spend, a moving company provides a full moving service including, packing and unpacking at the new destination by expert movers.

Moving Company: The moving company you choose will be responsible for your possessions throughout the move. The key to making a successful transition depends on acquiring the services of a professional moving company and avoiding the traps lied out by the scam ones. Before deciding on a mover, carry out an in-depth research on professional moving companies. For example, residents of the Big Apple can benefit from the professional moving services of Mover New York, including comprehensive house and office moving services that cover everything you need to get done, from providing boxes to packing, at competitive prices. NY Mover can become one of your trustworthy prospects while you research for at least 2 more moving companies. Obtain at least 3 written quotes from 3 different moving companies. This way not only do you collect sufficient information to compare prices and thereby decide which company is best suited to your moving needs, but you also prevent any mismatch between costs explained over the telephone and actual costs on moving day.

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