How to Minimize Moving Expenses

In light of the economic slump consumers are compelled to spend wisely, and moving is no exception. Reducing moving costs does not necessarily imply renouncing the services of moving companies in favor of DIY moves. When distance is short and belongings are few then moving alone may be a cost effective alternative. Yet when you owe many possessions, even a local move will require professional movers to haul, load and unload your belongings safely and quickly.

Follow Mover New York economical tips on how to minimize moving expenses without having to pass on professional moving services:

Net Weight

The moving price is based on weight and distance traveled. In order to reduce the final moving bill you need to trim down the above parameters. Distance cannot be shortened but weight can be reduced. Let the principle - fewer articles=less weight=lower price - be a guiding rule and purge your possessions from unwanted and unused items to cut down weight. There is no point in moving items that have been unused in the last two years because most likely such articles will remain unused in your new apartment too. Donate or sell your unwanted and unused objects.

House Packing

After weeding down your possessions and reaching net weight - begin with the packing. Full service movers are great stress relievers by taking the burden and frenzy of packing off you. Yet with a limited budget it is highly recommended to pack alone and save the money otherwise invested in this service. The disadvantage of packing alone is that moving companies cannot insure contents of boxes that they have not packed. To mitigate the risk involved let movers pack fragile items only while you pack non breakable articles. You can also save money on moving boxes and bubble wrap by collecting used boxes from local groceries and wrapping breakable items with towels and other fabrics in your home.

Free Moving Quotes

Gathering several moving estimates from different companies will provide you with a better overview of the diverse moving services and their prices across the market. Moving quotes help you better approximate your moving budget and avoid unforeseen expenses. From a collection of different moving rates you can pick the quote that best suits your moving needs and leave out much too high estimates. Very low quotes are also suspicious and are usually issued by scam movers to cheat customers out of their money.

Mid Month Moves

Residential moving demand peaks at the end of the month and raises moving rates. Avoid peak season and plan your move midway through the month when demand is low and accordingly moving rates decrease.

Reachable Possessions

Some movers charge extra to reach items that are located in awkward places and are not easily accessible. Remove objects from attics and dens and gather your packed moving boxes in one area close to the entry door or garage to quicken the loading phase.

Move Light Items

Returning to the weight issue, after weeding down your belongings, light objects that cannot be easily packed haul yourself. Coats, chairs, clothes, and other accessories are hard to pack into boxes but are too light to justify movers taking it. Take such items with you to help reduce weight and save on money.

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