How to Choose the Right Moving Insurance Coverage

Moving day is hectic enough without the added stress of opening boxes in your new residence and finding broken items and damaged appliances. Although expertise and extra care reduce chances of dropping boxes and breaking items, unfortunately even the most professional of movers suffers from the odd accident. Moving protection will safeguard your belongings from occasional mishaps. Different types of moving insurances cover against lost or damaged objects - the question remains which one is the right plan to purchase?

Moving insurance will cover your belongings should one or more articles break during the moving process. Insurance and liability are your safe bet because there is always a first time, even with reputable movers who hold a flawless record of handling belongings. Although moving insurances are not free of charge, they are worth the investment even to small budget moves. Should one or more objects break during transit the right moving insurance plan will reimburse you for lost value. Without moving insurance you risk losing more than what you would have spent if you bought one.

Follow the guiding steps of Mover New York to choose the right moving insurance coverage for your circumstances:

  1. Calculate the total weight and value of your shipment.
  2. Only after evaluating your belongings can you decide on the right valuation for your situation. Moving insurance come in three different formats as explained below:

    • Full Value - protection places responsibility with the movers. Should one or more items break or get lost during moving day, under this agreement movers are required to: repair item OR provide cash reimbursement OR replace broken or lost article with a new and similar one. As under full value protection moving companies can limit their liability to objects under $100, verify with movers their extent of liability before purchasing this plan.
    • Released Value - plans eliminate the possibility of full compensation and instead require movers to be liable for only 60 cents per pound per article.
    • Third Party - plans provide the extra protection released value agreements lack. Under this plan, movers are liable for 60 cents per pound per article while a third party company will cover additional losses.
  3. The type of valuation that you select must be included in the Bill of Laden, and signed by both movers and you.

Moving insurance will protect your goods but not in all circumstances. Some moving contracts will relinquish movers from any liability to your shipment, and therefore should be thoroughly read by you to make sure this is not the case. Apart from tricky language in contract, packing your own belongings may minimize chances of receiving full compensation should your objects break during the move. Failing to notify movers of hazardous, perishable or expensive items in your shipment will also work to reduce movers' liability. Loss claims submitted more than nine months after moving day will also reduce if not eliminate mover liability.

You worked hard to purchase your goods. Don't let an unfortunate moving experience damage your possessions. Protect your goods with the right moving insurance for your specific circumstance.

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