The 3 Most Common Moving Myths

Moving is a source for many misconceptions, misinformation and myths. The trouble begins when people planning a move lack the proper information to disconnect fact from fiction, and wrongly act on popular moving myths. Mover New York has gathered below the 3 most common moving myths of 2009:

"Moves cannot be planned in advance…"

Contrary to this popular misconception –moves cannot be successful and stress free without advanced planning. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) recommends planning your move eight weeks prior your set moving day. With advanced planning you can allocate time to each moving task, and thereby simplify your moving process significantly.
-Make time to find a moving company that suits your budget and meets your moving requirements.
-Standard moving prices are based on weight and distance traveled. Downsizing the weight of your belongings will go a long way at reducing the final moving bill. Take time to purge your belongings from unwanted and unused items.
-Collect sufficient moving supplies to pack up your belongings without making frequent trips to your local hardware store and wasting valuable time.

"Moving quotes are a waste of time…"

Different moving companies charge different rates for their moving services. Finding out how much moving services cost by different movers will help you make an informed selection based on budget and needs. Gathering free quotes from several moving companies will help you find movers that provide professional service within your budget range. Do not be tempted by lower than average estimates. Very low moving quotes may indicate rogue movers who deliberately issue floor-bottom rates to lure more people into their trap.

"All movers are the same, hire the first you find…"

The BBB and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) urge consumers to research several moving companies before choosing one. Research is the customer's first line of defense against hiring scam operations. The moving company you pick will be responsible for your possessions throughout the move. You don’t want to put valuable belongings in the hands of scam movers who might not show up on moving day, or else take hostage your goods until you pay up a large sum of money.

Research, advanced planning and moving estimates are all necessary to protect consumers from fraud and guarantee successful moves. Acting on one of the above misconception may only harm the consumer seeking a simplified moving process.

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