How to Prepare Before, During and After the Moving Process

Relocating your family to New York involves careful planning and the right preparation in order to complete the numerous moving tasks in time for moving day. The following moving guide rundown will hopefully simplify the moving process for families coming to live in the Big Apple.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) moving tips preparation for local and long distance moving should preferably begin eight weeks in advance to the scheduled moving date.

Before Moving Day:
Essentially this phase consists of researching the moving industry for a professional Mover New York that can meet your requirements in terms of moving costs, professional moving services, and excellent customer service.

-Obtain free moving quotes in writing from as many moving companies in NYC as you possibly can. Moving estimates help better approximate total moving cost so you don't run into unforeseen pitfalls. Collecting moving rates from several moving companies will also guide you to the right moving price. Indeed the BBB places great emphasis on written moving estimates as the consumer's first line of defense against scum movers.

-Before packing up your home make sure to declutter your belongings from unwanted articles because fewer belongings will reduce total weight and lower the moving cost. The accumulation of unused objects can be sold in garage sales or donated to local charities.

-After going through your belongings get ready moving supplies. Green moving packing material reduces the volumes of waste usually generated during a move due to the recycling involved. Reusing instead of buying new will cut down your spending and spare the environment simultaneously. Collect used cardboard boxes from local supermarkets. As a general rule - try to reduce your dependence on boxes by packing clothes and accessories in empty suitcases and containers lying around the home. Instead of buying bubble wrap utilize bathroom towels and old fabric to wrap fragile articles.

-Formulate a detailed blueprint of your new home indicating which room will accommodate which item. To your preference write on your packing the destined room or rather assign each box with a color corresponding to a colored room in your blueprint.

Residential Moving Day:
-Open the communication channel between the movers and yourself in case they have queries that can otherwise setback the loading or unloading process.

-Provide each mover with a copy of your color coded guiding blueprint -this way the movers will know what goes where to quicken the moving process extensively. If possible have a friend or family member wait for the movers at the new destination for extra guidance in addition to your blueprint.

-Take hold of the inventory document already given to you after the mover made an in-home inspection of your belongings to calculate an appropriate moving quote. Cross check that all items have been safely delivered over.

After Moving Day – Settling in service:
-Familiarize yourself with your new locality.

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