The 4 Commandments of Moving

Moving day is a hectic experience for all parties involved. If you are planning to change locations and move out of your home, avail of Mover New York 4 commandments of moving for a simplified, stress free day.

1. Final Walk Through
Doubling as your receipt for the move, the bill of lading specifies that you have handed your belongings to the movers for transportation. Once you sign this document you are in effect acknowledging that the movers have loaded all you items into the truck and are not liable for left behind objects. Before you sign the bill of laden and movers leave to your new destination - walk through your old home and check for left behind items that have not been loaded on the truck. Otherwise it can become an expensive affair to return to your old home and move left behind articles.

2. Check Moving Inventory
The moving inventory lists all items that you wish to ship. On move-day this document doubles as proof that such items were loaded on the moving truck. Check the moving inventory to validate that listed articles were loaded on the truck. In your new home go over inventory again and tick off all items that found their way to your new address.

3. Keep on you Daily Used Objects
Set a side a bag with objects that you use on a daily basis such as travel money, medication, cosmetics, toiletries, prescription drugs, cell phone and charger. On moving day take the bag with you so that all your necessities are accessible.

4. Keep Pets Away from Movers
It's a common mistake to allow your cats and dogs linger around when movers rush in and out of your home carrying heavy objects. You don't want movers tripping over your cat or dog while carrying your grand piano. For the sake of both movers and animals, either entrust your pets with a reliable neighbor or else designate a safe and comfortable room in the home that will be off limits to the movers.

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