How to Formulate a Successful Commercial Moving Checklist

Commercial moving must be prepared thoroughly to avoid expensive business downtime. Without a detailed office move checklist your commercial relocation will probably head to the wrong directions. A commercial moving checklist will help you stick to deadlines and remain within your budget while minimizing your business's downtime effectively.

Commercial preparation for moving day is vital to avoid common moving pitfalls. Although your checklist may change moving day approaches, nonetheless following a detailed checklist will monitor all moving preparations, and ensure that your office is packed and ready for shipment on moving day.

Take three months before moving day to formulate a moving checklist that will function as your blueprint that you refer to every step of the process.

Moving Task Unit
Select key employees that are both responsible and reliable to form a moving task unit. Even if you hire the full service movers to pack up your office and unpack at the new destination, still keep the moving task unit to take care of the miscellaneous issues that arise during process while you supervise the essence.

A moving representative will conduct an in-office inspection to formulate an inventory document of all items to be shipped, and provide you with an accurate moving quote based on weight and distance traveled. Avoid shipping with you unused or unwanted articles that will increase weight of shipment and therefore also the moving estimate. Before the in-office inspection clean out the office from unwanted and unused items. Keep the mover's inventory document of your belongings to validate that all belongings have reached the new destination.

Research Moving Companies
Never hire the first moving company you come across lest risking con artists in want of your money. Obtain written moving estimates from several moving companies. Select the moving company that offers the best commercial moving services that answer your specific moving requirements, all within your budget. Base your decision on credentials and licensing information of the moving companies, as well as trustworthy recommendations from other colleagues.

Floor Plan
Create a floor plan of the new office to organize employees sitting arrangement and furniture location around the given space in the most efficient manner. Color code your floor plan and label moving boxes with the corresponding color labels. Distribute the floor plan to the moving task unit and your selected moving company. On moving day a member of the moving task unit should turn up at the new location before the movers arrive not only to instruct the movers about, but stick the floor plan on the entry and interior doors of the office. This way the movers will know in which room to place what boxes thanks to the color scheme plastered on each door.

The above commercial moving checklist is generic and should be modified to meet your specific office arrangements. Communication with your movers and workers throughout preparations, on the very date and after moving day, will greatly simplify your office move.

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