How to Select the Right Carrier for your Pet

Carriers are essential to moves with pets. Think of a carrier as your dog's or cat's fortress during traveling. Well ventilated carriers provide your furry companions with a sense of security during car rides or air travel. For your kitten or canine complete comfort, select a carrier that is big enough for your pet to stand up, roll about, and lie down. Include food and water containers, blankets or towels for extra padding.

The following types of carriers are most commonly used by people to transport their cats or dogs from one location to the next.

Hard sided are considered the safest type of carriers for pet moving. Such carriers are fully enclosed and are built with durable plastics that protect the animal inside. Some hard side carriers are designed with steel mesh doors that are stronger and safer than plastics. Look for properly hinged doors, strong handles, sturdy locking mechanisms and plastic clips in good working order. Make sure that screws and bolts are tight. An overhanging rim on the outside of a hard carrier will help ensure ventilation openings are not blocked by accident.

Not all soft carriers are designed for traveling by car or air. Soft carriers should be strong to support the weight of your pet – some are fitted with sturdy, rod frames. Small dogs like Maltese, Chihuahau and Poodles are better suited to soft carriers than cats.

Cardboard carriers are not recommended for pet moving because they cannot protect the animal inside. Cardboard boxes are frequently used as temporary carries to transport your kitty or puppy very short distances.

Mover New York has conducted many moving processes that involved some form of pet transport. Feel free to call us for helpful advice on pet moving.

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