Prior Organization Simplifies Animal Moving

Regardless of distance traveled, moving can generate a great deal of stress for most people. A Move with pets can intensify moving anxiety for you as your animal if not properly organized. Don't despair, relocating pets can be hassle free with the right knowledge. Follow below suggestions on how to prepare effectively for moving with pets:

Local Moving

  • Validate that your pet can withstand the journey with a veterinarian check up
  • Attain your pet's medical records so that they can be forwarded to your new veterinarian

Long Distance Moving

Research if your new destination requires specific pet ownership regulations, in which case obtain the necessary pet permits from local authorities as well as your veterinarian.

Relocating Pets via Car:

  • Protect car upholstery with an old blanket
  • Equip car with your pet's favorite toys, a T-Shirt soaked with your scent, and two plastic containers containing fresh water and food treats.
  • Pets may find the car ride distressing due to car sickness developed during the ride. In addition to making as many stops as your pet requires, just in case your pet does develop car sickness, bring towels, a sponge, and plastic bags for quick clean ups. Caged animals including, birds and guinea pigs, may also develop car sickness, in which case covering their cage with a light cloth may produce a calming affect on your pet.
  • If your move requires a hotel stop, then make sure in advance that pets are accepted as well.

International Moving by Air:

  • Make sure you hold an updated health certificate of your pet by a certified veterinarian.
  • Provide a pet carrier in accordance with airline regulations
  • Before the flight take your dog for a long walk
  • No extra feeding before the trip
  • Highly advisable not to sedate your pet for the trip unless your veterinarian has recommended doing so.
  • After the trip cats should be kept indoors for the first 24 hours at your new residence

Fish Moving:

Visit your local pet shop and purchase a special fish container for safe moving.

Pet Movers:

Typically with long and international moving, it is best to acquire the services of a professional pet transporter. A pet mover is able to take care of all aspects of pet moving, enabling you to concentrate on your move. In addition to providing helpful moving with pets information, pet movers will further provide specific details about pet ownership in your new locality. The pet mover will also board your pet until you arrive, collect your pet at the airport, and deliver to your new home.

New Destination:

Obtain a new ID tag for your pet, specifying new address and relevant contact information.

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