How to Pack for your Pet

Changing addresses, crossing state lines or relocating overseas more than often feels like being plucked out of our comfort zone - but over time our alienation is replaced with friendliness as we gradually adapt to our new surrounding. Changing locations for our furry companions can prove quite the challenge. Your American Shorthair cat or German Shepherd dog love routines and grow attached to their environment. Adaptation is slower if pet owners don't care for their animals during the transition. Learn below how to pack for a move with pets and lessen their anxiety and stress from the moving process.

There is always the risk that you and your pet will be separated during traveling. Should that happen – an ID tag is your furry friend's golden ticket home. Prepare and ID tag with your new contact information including, address, home telephone and cellular numbers. Take an updated photograph of your kitty or dog for visual reference to help others spot your pet should the two of you separate during the journey.

Legal Documents
Your Labrador Retriever or Persian cat will require legal documentation when moving to new locations across the United States.

Local or longer in-state moves require up to date health certificates for your pet rabbit, cat, dog and any other type of furry companion you own.

The Human Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) recommends pet owners to prepare both a health certificate and another for rabies vaccination for long distance relocation that cross state lines.

International moves have specific requirements of pet quarantine times. According to HSUS, even US dogs and cats traveling to Hawaii will require from 30 to 120 days of quarantine.

Pet Supplies
It is always recommended to pack a personal bag of your papers, medication, prized possessions and any other item that you will require upon arriving at your new address. This personal bag travels with you and is not loaded to the moving truck with the rest of your belongings. Prepare a personal box for your poodle, Siamese cat or any other pet, and include the following supplies:

-bottled fresh water
-food and water bowls
-grooming equipment
-litter and litter box
-favorite toys
-carrier for air travel/car ride
-pet food
-pet first-aid kit

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