Moving with Pets Do's and Don’ts

Moving with pets is not the easiest of tasks, but is nevertheless carried out by millions of people moving out with cats and dogs. Moving homes with fish, cats and dogs is not like standard moving processes, and should not be thought of us such.

Follow Mover New York DO's and DON'Ts to guarantee successful, stress free moving processes with your cats and dogs.


Stick to routine with advanced planning

Don't think that just because you are moving down the block you can skip the planning phase. Pet moving will most probably disrupt your cat or dog's daily routine because you will be too busy with movers to take care of your pet. To keep your pet's routine during moving day you will need to plan ahead of time. Maintaining normal routine for your cat or dog during moving day will make your move stress free.

Keep moving path free of pets

Having your dog or cat present as movers haul your belongings in and out of the truck is not a wise course of action. On the one hand, you don't want movers to trip over your cat while carrying the heavy piano, and on the other hand you don't want your cat to panic at the sight of strangers moving out furniture. For the benefit of your pet and mover keep your pet out of the movers' way. Lock your dog in a safe and secure room with water, food and toys to play with and keep busy. Otherwise buy a high quality, strong carrier to keep your pet safely confined in. Purchase the carrier ahead of moving day and gradually familiarize your dog or cat to spending time in it.

Updated ID Tag

Make sure that you update your pet's ID tag with your new address and contact information. If lost, an updated ID tag is your pet's golden ticket home.


Free pet in car

Unless you don't mind your car turning into Noah's Arc – secure your pet during the car journey. Cats are best transported in well ventilated, secured carriers. Protect your dog with a restraining harness. Buy the required equipment prior moving day and accustom your pet gradually to the harness or carrier.

Forget pet's well being

Dogs and cats react differently to car rides. While most dogs seem to enjoy car rides, cats appear extremely uncomfortable in moving vehicles. Gradually accustom your cat to car rides so when moving day arrives stress levels will not sky rocket for both parties. When stopping off for refreshments take your cats or dogs with you. By leaving pets in parked vehicles you expose them to the dangers of being hurt or stolen.

Ignore veterinarian guidance

Before moving day seek advice from your vet regarding the proper course of action to lessen your pet's stress levels. Take the opportunity to acquire from your vet specific health certificates and pet permits for your new destination.

Forget animal friendly hotels

When moving long distance with pets, make sure to book in advance pet friendly hotels.

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