How to Move the Piano

Piano moving in New York requires professional piano movers, equipped with professional experience and tools to move this heavy and large instrument with minimum turbulence. With DIY piano moving you risk your health as well as extensive damage to the piano's legs, broken strings, scratches to wood case, and further damage to internal piano parts.

Apart from professional piano movers, the key to a successful piano move is packing, as well as the piano's new location.

PIANO PACKING: Piano movers will pack the whole piano from its delicate internal parts to external shape. After lowering and locking the piano's lid, an upright piano is wrapped with shock observing blankets, strapped to a piano board, and uploaded to heavy duty cart called a piano dolly, which can support the piano's weight plus that of the piano board. Moving a grand piano further requires the removal of the piano's lid, lid hinges, pedal lyre, and legs. Be advised never to let piano movers to "keyboard" a piano, entailing the removal of keyboards to fit the piano through tight spots.

PIANO LOCATION: Pianos are sensitive to temperature fluctuations as well as humidity outbursts. Such weathering conditions may out-tune the piano faster than normal, damage the piano's wood case, and even cause structural failure. A suitable area to accommodate the piano, should maintain a steady room temperature with little to no wind drafts, out of direct sunlight. Don't place your piano next to heat sources including heat vents, fireplaces, and radiators.

Indeed packing and placing your piano the right way will help prevent expensive piano damage. If you want to protect your health as well as your beloved piano, then piano moving should only be executed by professional piano movers New York.

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