How to Recognize Professional Moving Companies from Scammers

Moving to New York does not need to be a stressful hassle with the services of professional movers. Yet people pay little attention to the professionalism and the qualifications of the actual movers when offered a very low moving quote. Indeed most of us are blinded with the option of low cost moving until the unfortunate realization that we have fallen prey to scammers. Knowing how to pick a mover that is both qualified and professional is no brainer with some helpful moving tips.

As we have already established how to avoid scam movers, follow below characteristics of a professional moving company:

Moving Quote
According the Better Business Bureau (BBB) professional moving companies will provide estimates to help you approximate total moving expenses. There are three different moving quotes: non-binding (a pre-move estimate with final charge provided only after a net weight of shipment has been established), binding (price guaranteed before move) and "not to exceed" quotes (calculation of weight plus the will-be traveled distance to come up with a moving quote that cannot be exceeded). To assist movers in providing an accurate estimate show all your belongings to be moved. Ask the mover to explain the estimate in detail, and reach a clear understanding in writing of all the moving services you are paying for. Be sure to receive a written copy of the moving quote. While you find most companies providing very competitive prices, you will probably get a few moving quotes that are out of range with the rest. An estimate that is too good to be true may seem a great way to save money, but in most cases, it is a red flag indicating a scam mover.

Packing & Shipping
A professional moving company's main objective is to provide excellent customer service in the form of a spectrum of moving services to meet individual moving requirement to the fullest. From full service movers to take care of the packing and unpacking for you to self service movers and truck rentals, whatever moving needs you have, professional moving companies will go all the way to ensure they meet your satisfaction.

Art & Antiques Movers
Professional moving companies will provide tailor built crates to pack valuable possessions of yours from arts to fragile antique collections, for maximum protection during transit. Piano moving experts will relocate your heavy piano to new destination with the utmost protection.

Moving Insurance
A professional moving company will provide moving insurance to cover damage of belongings during transit.

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