How to Prepare for Residential Packing

The real burden of moving, claim most people, is the packing. Some people avail of full service movers to bypass the packing and unpacking phase all together. With a tight moving budget packing your own belongings will save you money at the expense of your time. Packing a home is no easy task, but with the right knowledge can be done properly to ensure the safety of your belongings during transit.

Extraordinary Value Goods
Extraordinary value items are valued at more than $100 per pound per article. From oriental rugs to antique furniture and a unique art collection, are all classified as items of extraordinary value. It is highly recommended to hire special art & antique movers to pack your expensive items into special built crates to avoid damage during transit. Items of extraordinary value included in shipment must be specified in the high value inventory sheet, and total value must be recorded in the bill of lading. Otherwise the mover's liability will be limited to no more than $100 per pound per article.

Before purchasing your packing & shipping material begin with a thorough spring clean of your belongings. Take each room at a time to sort out. Make three piles: items in use; items to donate/sell; throw away items. As every piece of unwanted item you keep is one more item to pay for, load and unload, all unwanted items should be placed in the "donate/sell" pile. Broken or damaged objects should be placed in the "throw away" pile, while belongings of value and in usage should be placed in the "items in use" pile. You can throw a garage sell to belongings in "donate/sell" pile or alternatively donate to a charity drop-off.

After the spring clean each room should contain the "items in use" only pile so you can assess how many moving boxes are in need. Tape, markers, and colorful labels should be obtained together with the moving boxes, and distributed in each room of the house. On paper formulate a color code packing map, and assign each room in your new house a color. When packing each room, color-label the box to match the color of the designated room in the new destination. When possible visit your new home before moving day to place colored labels on each interior door. On moving day instruct the movers to position each moving box with the matching colored room. This will reduce the chaos of unpacking and will save you the shifting of heavy boxes from room to room.

Simplifying the residential moving process will mean that you can settle into your new surroundings quicker.

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