How to Avoid Scam Moving Companies

40 million Americans relocate annually across America with the professional assistance of long distance moving services. About 15% of consumers complain that they were victims to hostage-goods stings conducted by scam movers. According to The American Moving and Storage Association: "The really serious complaints are rogue movers or scam movers. These people are thieves who are pretending to be movers." The moving company offers a low estimate, only to double and triple the final bill, once your belongings are secured on the truck. The scammers will hold hostage your belongings until you cough up the bumped up price.

Follow The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) instructions on how to pick a mover both reliable and professional:

Professional Movers
When contacting a moving company, ask the person you speak to whether he or she works for the actual mover or a household goods broker. A moving broker acts as a middleman arranging a mover either through an affiliated moving carrier or by posting details online to receive bids from moving companies. A scam broker will not arrange a mover, but will drop into his pocket your paid broker's fee together with your paid moving deposit. Partners in crime, broker and mover may scam you into a hostage-goods sting.

Moving Quotes
Professional movers provide written estimates, including binding and non-binding quotes. Federal law instructs interstate moving companies to release your belongings upon receiving 100% of the binding estimate, or 110% of a non-binding estimate.

Insurance and Liability
Familiarize yourself with the responsibility of the moving company in case of loss or damage to your belongings during moving day. Sign a detailed document containing all shipping information (except the actual shipment weight), and specifying the moving service required by you, such as full service movers. As a consumer, you hold the prerogative to witness the weighing of you belongings, and you may request a re-weigh.

For a smooth sail to your new destination, avoid brokers, and speak directly with the moving companies. Conduct a market research on the different moving companies available, and acquire at least 3 written moving quotes. Whether you are looking for self service movers, truck rental, or moving storage solutions, effective research will lead you to a professional moving company fully meeting your specific relocation needs, and budget limitations.

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