How to Weed Out Unused and Unwanted Belongings from House Packing

Packing our life into moving boxes is easier said than done. House packing for many of us is the most daunting and difficult task of the moving process. Faced with volumes of objects that we have accumulated over the years, we must fight off the urge to pack them into boxes and seal them off for shipment. Packing is not about stuffing boxes full of objects, it's about downsizing your belongings through a weeding out process.

Some people choose to bypass the packing process altogether with the help of full service movers. Yet for a cost effective alternative, packing your own items is the only way to go. The central parameters that make up the moving cost are distance traveled and weight of shipment. Reducing the net weight of your belongings is a good method to cut down your final moving bill.

Follow Mover New York step by step guide to weed out unused and unwanted belongings from home and office packing:

Weed Out ASAP

With exception of last minute moving, start weeding out as soon as you possibly can. Early downsizing will enable you to get rid of all your excess belongings in time for moving day.

Room in Room out

Don't attempt to downsize the entire household in one shot. This will probably be ineffective, messy and overwhelming. Take each room in turn, and proceed to the next only after finishing the former.

The 3 Piles Method

In each room form 3 piles – damaged/unused & unwanted/moving. Collect all your faulty appliances, broken items, and defective articles in the "damaged" pile. For the sake of green moving instead of throwing the damaged pile in the garbage, take it to a recyclable center. For the "unused & unwanted" pile, you must first suppress your sentimental drive that will not allow you to let go of unused items. The sad truth is that objects that you have stopped using in the last two years are unlikely to be employed by you ever again. Therefore along with all your unwanted items, place your unused items in the "unused & unwanted" pile. You can donate this pile to a local charity or sell it off in a garage sale. What ever objects survive you weeding out process are the ones that make up the moving pile that will be packed into boxes and moved to your new destination.

After purging belongings out of unwanted, unused and broken items, packing becomes a breeze. Thanks to the weeding out process, you will have your home packed and ready for moving day.

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