How to Move in Winter 2009/10

Relocating homes and moving belongings from one home to your new location is not a simple task. Winter makes moving a tougher experience, mainly because of low temperatures. Avail of Mover New York 7 moving tips on how to move in winter the warm way.

1. Don't pack your warm clothes – bring with you. This can be hard to remember if you are moving from a sunny location to a cold one. If your freight is delayed, you can find yourself shivering in your new location.

2. Hazardous cold weather can take us by surprise at any location during winter. Always plan for cold weather no matter where you are moving to.

3. If you are planning to drive a long distance make sure to service your vehicle to avoid unwanted breakdowns during the ride. Keep a 'survival' kit in your car with canned food, bottled water, and a first aid kit.

4. Clear your driveways and sidewalks from ice and snow to prevent movers from skidding while loading or unloading your belongings. Any accidents in and around your property will be your liability.

5. Make sure your central heating system is working in your new home. You will be too busy to fix a broken furnace on top of unpacking your belongings.

6. Pack accordingly if your belongings will be in a cold moving truck for a long time:
-Avoid packing liquids that can freeze during journey
-Wood furniture and other items can get damage in low temperatures. Ask your movers for appropriate packing material for any objects that are cold-sensitive.
-Your movers will probably not allow you to load your plants on the moving truck. Take your plants with you and don't leave them in cold temperatures for a long time.

7. As a kind gesture - serve your movers hot coffee or tea – they will greatly appreciate your kindness!

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