Family Relocation

Family relocation is just that – a family project which all family members should be involved in. Even if you feel the move is the sensible thing to do in terms of your career, for your children it may seem like the end of the world. It's up to you to make this event an exciting and even fun experience for everyone.

When you're moving your family, your guiding principle should be to engage everyone in the move, from start to finish. Once you decide to move, notify your children. You wouldn’t want to spring the news on them only when you begin packing! Give them ample time to adjust to the idea of the upcoming change.

Turn the move into an exciting adventure. Tell your children intriguing and amusing stories about your new place of residence. If your designated location is not too far away, organize a family trip there well before the move, so your children can familiarize themselves with the territory.

When it's time to set a moving date, try to think of your children's best interests. Consult with them when you try to determine whether it's best to move during the school break or during the school term instead. Would they rather join their new classmates at the beginning of term, or would they prefer to continue their academic routine by arriving in the middle of the year? Being the new kid on the block is never easy, so think how you can make the change that much easier for your child.

When you're moving with kids, it's imperative that you maintain their routine as best as you possibly can. Routine is particularly important for young children. If they are participating in various after school activities or have certain hobbies, make sure they pursue them in your new location, as well. If you have teenagers, you know how sensitive and vulnerable they are when it comes to social changes. Encourage them to keep in touch with the friends and classmates they are leaving behind, and, if possible, arrange visits to your old place of residence once or twice a year, so your children can meet with their old friends.

Make your family move an entertaining project for everyone. Engage everyone in the packing process and turn it into a fun experience. Allow your children to pack their belongings, or even just one box or carton with their most prized possessions.

On moving day, be especially sensitive to your children's needs. Your NYC movers are expert family movers, who will do their utmost to ensure this day is not too stressful for you and your family. Once your boxes arrive to your new abode, try to complete the unpacking as soon as possible, so your children can feel at home relatively quickly.

Be there for your children. As busy as you are adjusting to your new life and to your new place of work, remember that the adjustment process might be a little more difficult for your children. To use a common cliché, if your kids are happy – you will be happy, as well.

Your NYC movers strive to make your family relocation a success. Contact us for more information.

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