Move with Pets

A constant source of love and affection, our pets are our best friends and most loyal companions. They never let us down. A move would be the perfect opportunity to reciprocate the favor, as that is the time when our pets need us the most. However stressful relocation is for you and your family, it is doubly so for our pets. The separation from their familiar surroundings along with the havoc and confusion of the event constitute a frightening experience for our furry friends, and try as we might, it's simply impossible to persuade them it's not the end of the world…

How can we make it easier for them?

The first thing to remember when moving with pets is to make sure their daily routine is not disrupted. Maintain their schedule of walks and feeding times, even when you're busy packing. Don't forget to take your pet's favorite food bowls, toys and bedding equipment with you. Make sure these items are accessible to you at all times, so that your animals will feel right at home in your new location.

As we all know, the weeks preceding Moving Day and those immediately following it are extremely hectic. The chaos is particularly unbearable for your pets - so much so, in fact, that given the chance, they may attempt to bolt. To prevent such unfortunate accidents, it is best to confine them to a specific room or area both in your old and new places of residence. This temporary confinement will also enable them to adjust to their new surroundings with greater ease.

When moving with animals, there are certain bureaucratic issues that must be taken care of before the move. Some states and countries have strict rules regarding pet admittance. Instructing you as to the specific regulations which apply to you, your veterinarian will administer any necessary shots and vaccinations and will help you obtain health certificates and other permits required by law. Remember to make all relevant inquiries well ahead of your scheduled move, so that your pet will be permitted to enter the state or country of destination without delay.

Travel arrangements for your pets should also be completed in advance. If you're moving locally or traveling a relatively short distance, it would be preferable to take your pets with you in your car. Make sure you have enough food, water and toys for the duration of the journey. Animals not used to car travel should be placed in adequate pet carriers. If you’re traveling with dogs make sure you stop every once in a while to allow them to walk and relieve themselves. For overnight stops remember to book pet-friendly hotels.

For long distance moves, you may opt to transport your pet by air. Whereas small animals and seeing-eye dogs are admitted into the passenger cabin, most animals will be transported as air freight. Your pet will be placed in a suitably sized container on which you are required to write your contact details. If you are shipping your pet as air freight, remember to arrive at the airport several hours before the scheduled flight to make sure everything is in order. Avoid connection flights, and make sure either you or someone on your behalf will be waiting at the final stop to pick up your very precious cargo.

Whatever mode of transportation you've chosen, it is imperative that you place an ID tag on your pet, specifying both your animal's name and your contact information in your new address. This tag might bring your trusted friend back to you in case he runs away.

To help you out with the numerous details involved with the move, you may decide to hire a professional pet moving service which will ensure that your beloved companion arrives home safely. Contact your NYC movers for relevant recommendations.

Once you're settled in, help your pet adjust to your new house. Find a local veterinarian whom you can trust – preferably someone that has been recommended to you.

And don't forget the most important thing - tons of TLC!

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