Address & Utility Transfer

Relocation isn't just about moving yourself, your family, and your belongings from one location to another. According to every mover guide, the moving and relocating process also involves informing others about your plans. Not only is this helpful in making for a smooth transition, it's also necessary for you to carry on with your life at home.

Keep Others Informed

Among those you have to inform about your move are the public utility companies responsible for providing you with utilities like water, gas, electricity, telephone, and cable. You shouldn't expect to have these utilities at your disposal the moment you move in.

Odds are you won't have them, or that the previous owners of your new home will soon have them disconnected, which is exactly what you should do for your old place of residence. No matter how generous you are, it's unlikely that you'd appreciate being charged for utilities of a house that is no longer your own.

Not that the bill will get to you if you don't submit an address change notification to your post office. It bears repeating that though moving is one of the biggest events in your life, and one which has likely been on your mind for months, other people and institutions have no way of knowing about it if you don't inform them.

Whether you choose to send out moving cards, get them on the phone, visit them in person, or have NYC movers relay the news for you, you have to make sure the message is delivered.

Online Switches

Contact your old post office and arrange to have your mail forwarded to your new address. If your old and new homes are a considerable distance apart, you can arrange to switch your old postal service with another one closer to your location.

Several U.S. postal service providers have websites with post office locators that can find the closest post offices to you. All you need to locate them is your zip code, which you can also get from the Internet. Many websites also offer free zip code lookups, which only require your address or general area.

If you're unsure of using this approach to change your postal service, moving guides of trusted New York movers can assure you that it's a safe, convenient, and highly recommended method that doesn't add a cent to your moving expenses.

Do the same with your utilities. You can transfer them to your new home through the Internet as well. There isn't much difference in the process, either.

Input your address and zip code in websites that offer online utility transfers, choose among the services in your area, and subscribe to those you like. It's also possible for you to disconnect your existing utilities on these websites, and in some cases, transfer your newspaper and magazine subscriptions to your new address as well.

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