Forgotten Items in a Move

No one's perfect. Try as we might to remember every little detail when planning your move, we still end up forgetting a few things. Listed below are 10 of the most commonly forgotten items in a move. You'd do good to write these down in your moving checklist if you plan on moving to New York anytime soon:

Personal records
Since we don't refer to them on a regular basis, medical, dental, and school records are easy to forget. Soon after you and your family settle in your new home, however, you'll probably remember why these documents are so important. Avoid having to head back to your old neighborhood to get copies of these records by adding that particular errand to your moving plans.

Old phonebooks
Moving on to a new place doesn't necessarily mean having to leave behind your old contacts. Pack old telephone books to keep in touch, and save a bundle on directory assistance charges.

Lent and borrowed items
Before you tell your New York mover you're all packed and ready to go, ask yourself these questions:

Are any of your clothes at the cleaner's? Does your neighbor still have your football jersey? Have you gotten back your watch from the repair shop? Are all the books you borrowed from the library back where they belong? What about those DVDs you rented from the local video store?

Make sure all these items find their way back to their original owners. This is one of the moving basics that frequently slip people's minds.

New contact details
Don't assume that you'll be able to memorize your new address and telephone number right away. It's likely that you'll be running a lot of errands in your first week of settling in, many of which will require you to accurately state your contact information. Play it safe by having those details in your pocket at all times.

Cleaning materials
Imagine this: Your mover from New York has everything packed and loaded, but your old house is still filthy with the dust that has accumulated for years behind your closets and underneath your beds. To make matters worse, all your cleaning materials have either been packed or thrown away.

Don't let the new residents think of you as an inconsiderate slob. Leave some cleaning materials unpacked so you can still clean up, or allot some cash in your moving budget for a quality cleaning service.

Garage door remote
Do the new residents another favor and leave the garage door remote in the house, not in your car. Chances are they'll need it more you will.

Are you really willing to leave your pets behind? A number of moving companies, including NYC movers, don't transport pets, and you'll be hard pressed to find room for them in the car with your wife, kids, and several boxes of your stuff. Make plans to transport your pets well in advance to ensure that they'll get to your new home without any problems.

Bank accounts
Consider the possibility that your old bank might not have a branch anywhere near your new place, leaving you no choice but to drive for miles to deposit or withdraw some cash. Heed the advice of every moving guide out there and open an account at your new neighborhood's bank a few weeks before you move. And don't forget to clean out the contents of your old safety deposit box.

Spare keys
Seek out everyone who has a copy of your old house keys and ask to have them back, otherwise risk having your family or friends break into a house you no longer own. Leave the spare keys with the new residents or with your former landlord.

Make it a point to inform the post office that you've changed your address. Don't, and you might wind up paying for a magazine subscription you never get to read.

As any mover's guide will tell you, attempting to remember the things people tend to forget is one the most useful and memorable moving tips ever written. So keep this list in mind.

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