Items Not to Pack

“Leave nothing behind” is one of the packing tips for moving that you will be hearing more and more often in the weeks leading up to your move to NYC. But that piece of advice shouldn't be taken that literally. After all, there are certain things that no packing guide would advise you to bring, like those listed below.

Hazardous Items

  • Paint and Paint Thinner
  • Matches
  • Nail Polish and Remover
  • Batteries
  • Lighter Fluid
  • Cleaning Fluid
  • Oil
  • Chemicals
  • Loaded Weapons

What do the above items have in common? Danger.

House packing services and moving services in general won't allow these items (and others like them) to be included in your moving house check list, and movers in New York are no different. These items are flammable, corrosive, and/or downright deadly. No New York moving company would risk the safety of their personnel, their customers, or their customers' valuables by consenting to pack or ship them.

Perishable Goods

Perishable items, like those listed below, are also against company regulations, for different reasons.

  • Frozen Food
  • Open Food
  • Plants

Though these items don't pose a threat like those on the other list, it's still risky to have them packed and shipped. Moving trucks and vans can't provide an environment ideal for their preservation, which means that they are likely to spoil or wilt before reaching their destination. In this case, the mover's concern is more for their customer's property than overall safety.

Should you still insist on putting any of the above items on your moving list, you might want to refer to a storage guide and go over your options. Generally speaking, however, these items should be scratched off your moving checklist. It's best to focus on including essentials like furniture, clothes, appliances, and the like, instead.

Regardless of your plans, you should always consult a movers guide to know what you may and may not pack, and draft a moving house list with those restrictions in mind.

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