Packing Before Moving

A lot of people would agree that packing is the hardest part of moving, but you should know better. Packing doesn't have to be such a hassle. With the right packing guide, packing can become a fairly simple process.

Recruit a mover's services

Before you start working out the details, though, you should first decide who will be doing your packing. You can opt to do your packing and shipping yourself or you can recruit the services of a moving company.

When making this decision, keep in mind that while you may find it more appealing to pack yourself, movers will always have the edge in know-how and experience, and will likely have all the packing solutions to each of the potential problems you might face in the process. Though you can still get the job done even if you pack yourself, moving companies will make the job several times easier.

Whether or not you decide to avail of a company's packing service, however, it's always a good idea to ask them for packing tips for moving, as well as for the necessary packing boxes for moving house property. You'll only put your possessions at risk by not knowing the essentials of packing and moving, and since having adequate supplies is also a prerequisite for success in packing, it won't hurt to ask for those either.

Remember that when it comes to packing supplies, it doesn't hurt to have a little extra. Better to have excess materials than to run out before your packing is done.

Organization is key

As is the case with supplies, it's always better to have more time. Play it safe by scheduling your packing a few weeks before your actual moving date, and by coming up with an organized system to pack all your belongings.

Don't make a mission of haphazardly stuffing everything you own in empty boxes. To successfully keep track of your belongings, pack them in categories. Pack all your clothes in one box, all your books in another, and so on. It's also a good idea to pack one room at a time, as it lessens the possibility that certain items will be misplaced or mixed up with others from different sections of the house.

More importantly, make sure every box is labeled. This makes it easier for both household packers and movers to determine the contents of the boxes and which rooms they belong to. This, in turn, will make the process of unpacking faster and easier.

Plan Contingencies

Never forget to make a detailed inventory of all your possessions, citing existing damages. That inventory will be of great help in the rare case of your property sustaining damage in the move, since you will be able to use it to file for insurance claims.

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