Packing High Value Items

Everyone has possessions that are worth a lot in terms of monetary, sentimental, or practical value. These items – such as money, furs, jewelry, artworks, photos, address books, passports, and keys, and the like – are the last things anyone wants lost or damaged in the process of packing and moving.

No need to worry, though. You can ensure these precious items reach your new home safe and unscathed by remembering a few packing tips.

Difference from Home Packing

Regular methods of packing house property don't apply to items of high value. In home packing, for example, it's a rule of thumb to pack your belongings according to the categories they fall under and the different rooms of the house. But even if your valuable items fall under certain categories (like clothes, accessories, and personal items) or are stored in a certain section of the house (like the master bedroom), you'd best ignore that rule.

Store these items in separate packing boxes and bags instead, and make sure that these changes are reflected in your packing list.

Your Mover's Role

As much as possible, try not to ship these items with the rest of your belongings. Moving and packing companies will generally treat these items like the rest of your cargo, so if you want to give them special care, ship them separately and keep them under close supervision.

You can either carry them in your own car or supervise the loading and shipping process, maybe even riding with your mover. That way, you can still avail of an NYC mover's moving and packing services to make things easier for you, while ensuring the safety of your valuables.

Moving and storage in New York is also an option. You can store these items in a safe place within or outside the city during the moving process, and come back for them once you've settled in.

All said, it should be clear from this packing guide that well-planned moving and packing supply you with the assurance that no harm will come to your most precious belongings.

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