Moving Notification

When moving, it’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of packing and the excitement of the relocation process. The hassle and confusion are liable to make us forget various bureaucratic and administrative tasks that are an integral part of the move, and that must be taken care of in advance if we are to avoid even more confusion later on. A foremost example of such a task is notifying official institutions of your upcoming departure.

Moving notification is an assignment you should begin at least a month before your scheduled move. It is, however, best to actually notify people of your relocation only once you have set a fixed moving date. When determining whom to notify, think of companies which provide you regular services, which you have business associations with or which you subscribe to. Once you know who they are, prepare an organized moving notification checklist which will include all relevant organizations. Going through your bank statements and phone book may be an effective way to compile this list.

Your bank, for example, is an institution which should be an integral part of your notification list. It is imperative that you let your bank know if you intend to either close your account or transfer it to your new location, or if you wish to cancel any automatic payments made directly through your bank account. Utility companies such as gas, electricity, telephone and cable television should also be informed of your move. Contact them to set up appointments for service disconnection and connection both in your old and new residences, respectively. Notify the postal service of your move, and arrange to have your mail forwarded to your new address. If you subscribe to a daily newspaper, inform the agency of your upcoming move and, if applicable, arrange for the newspaper or magazine delivery services to be resumed in your new location. Additional important institutions which should be included in your notification checklist are your credit card company, insurance company, schools, internet provider, health care providers and your veterinarian.

The best way to announce your move is via a standard official moving notification letter which will include details such as your bank account number or your subscriber number. Moving notification cards specifying your new address are also an option, although, since these have a rather personal flair to them, it might be more appropriate to distribute them to family and friends rather than to official organizations.

Any more questions about moving notification and how to go about it? Contact your NYC movers for a how-to move guide which can help you out.

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