Moving Insurance

Accidents happen. Even the most experienced New York movers have suffered from occasional mishaps. So when planning your move, you should always consider the possibility that your goods will get lost, damaged, or stolen. There's no need to panic, however. You can purchase moving insurance to protect yourself against these situations.

What is Property Valuation?

Like other moving companies, Mover New York doesn't provide insurance, but property valuation. Valuation determines the extent of a mover's liability coverage.

There are three types of valuation you can choose from. You and your mover must agree upon your preferred valuation method before the moving and relocation process begins.

  • Declared Value: based on the total weight of the items to be shipped. Reimbursement for this valuation depends on the extent of your property's depreciation.
  • Lump Sum Value or Assessed Value: takes the value of your belongings into account. This valuation is best suited for moves that transport priceless and expensive items.
  • Full Value Protection: reimburses you for any lost or damaged items.

Before you decide on your valuation, you must first prepare an inventory of the goods you plan to move. It's only after you've calculated the total weight and value of your shipment that you can determine which valuation method would benefit you the most.

The type of valuation you choose must be explicitly stated in the Bill of Lading, which both you and your mover are required to sign.

Supplemental Moving Insurance

Don't be surprised if the property valuation your NYC mover offers you doesn't seem to give you enough protection. Each type of valuation can only provide minimum liability coverage. It is therefore highly recommended that you purchase supplemental moving insurance.

You can acquire Homeowners Insurance, which provides additional coverage and protects against breakage and theft during shipment. You can purchase this type of insurance from an insurance company. Goods in Transit Insurance is also a reasonable option, which you can buy from your mover or your insurance company of choice.

Filing an Insurance Claim

In case the worst happens, you will be entitled to compensation or reimbursement. That is, if you can prove that the damage inflicted on your property was sustained during transit. Make sure you can by explicitly stating the condition of each of your items before they are loaded onto the moving truck. Remember that you can file an insurance claim within nine months from the date your shipment was delivered.

Buying moving and relocation insurance is, and always will be, an essential precaution. We at Mover New York can assure you of a safe move by helping you acquire sufficient insurance. Contact us for more information about moving insurance, NYC relocating,
or our moving services.

Purchasing a moving insurance is an essential precaution. The expert movers of the Big Apple do their utmost to ensure that yours is a safe and smooth move.

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