Insurance and Liability

You can never go wrong with getting some moving insurance. Even if the company you hire is known for its elite NYC moving service, its impeccable record, and its commitment to detail and customer satisfaction, there is no guarantee that you won't be the first customer whose belongings are either lost or damaged under its watch.

In case that happens, moving insurance could save you from considerable financial loss, or at the very least, the compensation you get for damages could make the grieving process pass more quickly. So invest in moving and relocation insurance even if you're trying to limit your moving costs; its possible that you'll end up losing much more than what you spend on insurance if you don't.

Valuation & Coverage

If nothing else, moving insurance can buy you the assurance that your valuables are protected. You don't need to stress over the possible accidents that could happen during the course of the move when you know that your insurance will cover any losses or damages. However, its not enough to just pay for insurance. You also have to put much thought into your liability valuation and insurance coverage.

Carefully select which valuation type (Declared Value, Lump Sum Value, Full Value Protection) best suits your specific needs, and invest in any additional insurance you feel is necessary. Also, be particularly thorough and specific when discussing the terms of your insurance coverage with your New York moving company. Make sure that you understand the terms completely and agree with them before you sign anything.

Signing Off

So far, so good. But your job still isn't done. Even if you've settled on your valuation and agreed to terms regarding your insurance coverage, you'll still need an extensive inventory of your belongings (which includes detailed statements of each item's condition before packing and shipping), and maybe even a few photos. These will serve as evidence to back up your insurance claim in case of loss or damage.

Have your movers inspect your belongings and sign your inventory, which will prove that they confirmed everything that you wrote down. This signing is standard protocol for all New York movers, and officially makes them liable for any losses or detrimental changes in the condition of your belongings during the move, in accordance to your insurance coverage.

Insurance Tips & Information

If you're planning on moving to a piece of New York real estate soon, you should devote some time to looking for some online moving tips that focus specifically on moving insurance. There are surely a good number of moving insurance companies out there who are open to sharing their advice. You can also contact Mover New York for any inquiries about moving insurance or NYC relocating services.

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