International Moving

Moving internationally can be very exciting. An international move will give you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in other cultures and familiarize yourself with distant and intriguing places. Be that as it may, overseas relocation can also be a daunting experience due to the pressure and stress that comes with moving, changing your lifestyle, and even learning a new language.

In spite of these challenges, however, you can still set up a cozy home for you and your family, which will serve as a safe and familiar haven amidst new surroundings.
We at Mover New York can help you make that dream a reality.

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You can count on us to alleviate the stress of your overseas move. As an NYC mover experienced in transporting precious belongings across oceans and continents, we can ensure your shipment's safe and timely arrival. The speed of our delivery can make you feel at home in hardly any time at all, even if you're hundreds of miles away from the Big Apple.

International Moving Services & Rates

We can bring about your move's success by assisting you from start to finish. After providing you with an initial online cost estimate, one of our representatives will arrive at your house and inspect the items you intend to ship. We strongly recommend that you have us conduct this inspection approximately two months before your scheduled move, in order to give you sufficient time to plan the various details of the relocation process.

Based Our on-site inspection will allow us to determine whether your goods should be transported by air or sea, as well as decide on the most suitable crates, containers, and vehicles for your particular shipment. Rest assured, we will provide maximum protection for your belongings, and do our best to ensure that they withstand the journey ahead.

This inspection also enables us to give you a more accurate cost estimate. You should know that international moving rates are determined by the following factors: the selected mode of transportation, the weight and volume of the shipment, the number of days the shipment will be withheld in its destination point before it is claimed, and the services international moving companies provide during the course of the move.

Packing for an International Move

Indeed, Our team of accomplished international movers can also help you with the packing process. While opting for do-it-yourself packing will certainly lower your overall expenses, we highly encourage you to ask for professional assistance. Bear in mind that your goods will be shipped a considerable distance, and must therefore be packed safely and securely. It is of utmost importance that your belongings – particularly the delicate, fragile, and valuable items – arrive at your destination unscathed.

Handling your shipment with care at your new location is equally important, and it's a service that we will be glad to provide. Our affiliates in your destination country will take care of your custom clearance requirements, deliver your shipment to your new home, unload it, and – if you avail of our packing services – unpack it as well.

International Moving Storage Solutions

If you require storage services in your point of origin or destination, we at Mover New York can also fill that need. We can deliver your property to one of our affiliate storage facilities and have it stored there for the interim. All of our facilities are climate-controlled and equipped to hold your items for as long as you require.

Your International Move's Entry Requirements

Paperwork and documentation are integral aspects of every move, but are even more significant when it comes to international moves. We will take on the responsibility of providing you with a detailed inventory of your goods, which specifies the condition of each of your items prior to shipment, and which also includes your Bill of Lading. This bill functions as a contract which you and a Mover New York representative must sign.

Aside from these papers, you'll be needing several other official documents – some of which, you will be asked to display upon arrival at your destination. Certificates of registration, U.S. export forms, entry visas, residence and work permits, health certificates (for all family members and pets), and international driving permits are among the documents you must have with you.

Since entry requirements vary between countries, you should contact the embassy of your destination country prior to your move to determine which documents you will need. We also offer additional tips about these requisite papers, so contact us at your convenience.

International Moving Checklist

As you can see, international moves are filled with complex details and diverse tasks. If you want to be certain that you don't forget anything important, then you should prepare an international moving checklist. The various items on this list should be listed chronologically, beginning about two months prior to your move and ending after you've successfully adjusted to your new location.

The Mover New York team can help you prepare this list. We can inform you of the items that should and should not be listed and regularly remind you of your assignments.

Obtaining Insurance for International Moves

Paperwork Purchasing adequate insurance should be part of every international moving checklist, including your own. Whether you ship by air and/or sea, your valuables will be covering a great distance. Though we will do everything we can to ensure the safety of your goods, our efforts may be compromised by accidents or circumstances out of our control. You should be protected in case these situations occur.

We will offer you liability coverage (which should be agreed upon in advance and specified in your Bill of Lading), but you can opt to purchase supplementary insurance from a reliable insurance agency. If you're shipping by sea, you should also think about buying Marine Insurance. Feel free to contact us for more insurance details, clarifications, and recommendations.

International Commercial Moving

We at Mover New York also specialize in international commercial moving. Our services don't just cover the safe transport of your office appliances and equipment, but employee relocation as well. The efficiency of our commercial moving services will enable you to resume business immediately after relocation.

Do you have any questions about international moves? Contact us . We'll be more than happy to provide you with more international moving tips and guidelines.

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