Moving to China

International moving is taken up by several shipping and relocation companies in the USA. If you allocate the job to a company like Mover New York, it takes care of everything that involves your move to China including packing, shipping and unpacking.

When relocating to China, some people prefer to choose western-based companies, whereas others feel safer being handled by a local company, because it is familiar with the customs rules and regulations. Some bigger companies have offices in both locations. Also, you can save some cost by taking over the packing and unpacking on your own. Still, it is always preferable to entrust your prized possessions in the hands of professionals like Mover New York.

There are two kinds of freight processing: airfreight and express shipment. An airfreight from USA to China will take about 14 days, whereas express shipment guarantees delivery of your belonging within five days, but the expenses are relatively high.

When you enter China, your original passport carrying a residence permit and original work permit should be valid for one year. Besides, you need documentation of the application form as well as an authorization form.

There are several restrictions regarding import of household goods into China, like photo copiers, cordless phones, motorcycle, fire arms, animals, plants, food, and medicine. Several household goods are listed under dutiable items like electrical goods, furniture, piano, oriental antiques and golf clubs. A list of the items has to be submitted to the officials and they should be accessible for them. Also, import of alcohol levies heavy duty and taxes.

As a foreigner you can import one car per person, but no diesel vehicles are permitted. The import permit for the vehicle should be obtained before it leaves the USA. Pets can also be brought into China, but are restricted to cats and dogs. They require a valid health certificate and original certificate for rabies vaccination. Your pet is inspected at the port in China by a veterinary doctor, who has to be arranged by you. Subsequently the pet is left in quarantine for 30 days at the airport.

It may seem complicated now, but once the relocation process begins, you'll see it is less daunting than it seems. And remember, with Mover New York you are in good hands!

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