Moving to Finland from the USA

If you are planning to move to Finland from the US, you need a reliable and professional international moving company which is familiar with all the international moving solutions. The best way to find out the most suitable overseas moving company is to check out referrals from satisfied past clients.

When you research on the net to find out the services that the overseas companies offer, you should find out whether they are associated with industry-related organizations like the Employee Relocation Council or Young International Movers.
Mover New York is a good overseas moving company which you can check out, especially because it shows you directly how the company carries out its business, has a physical office, which you can visit, and is legitimate. Also, it is important for the company to know the customs regulations for Finland, so that they can inform you accordingly.

When you are shipping personal effects and household items to Finland, you need a valid passport, proof of employment, customs declaration and an inventory of the goods being imported into the country. When the goods arrive in the country, you must be present there with all the necessary documents.

There is a list of dutiable goods which should be known to you earlier so that they can be easily viewed. New household goods, professional and business equipment and some kinds of collector’s items or certain feathers, tusks, skins of protected species are dutiable. Some prohibited goods are explosives, narcotics and pornographic material.

Importing motor vehicles has several instructions and import taxes can be levied after the duty-free valuation is done. All the documents must be in order and handed over in original. The imported motor vehicle must comply with the European exhaust regulations. Pets too can be brought into Finland with valid health certificates and vaccinations.

For more details about your upcoming move to Finland, contact Mover New York.

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