Moving to Germany

If you are planning to relocate to Germany, it is advisable to plan the move with an international moving company. Once you have your visa papers and job permits, you have to be familiar with the rules and regulations governing shipping of your goods and import and export laws of both the US and Germany.

Shop on the internet for a reliable overseas moving company, which is familiar with the relevant rules and regulations. Before hiring the company, conduct a good research on their services and then hold an interview followed by a quote which you should receive from them.

An international moving company like Mover New York offers you services of moving all your belongings from the US to Germany, but it is better for you to reduce the goods as much as possible, so that your bills do not run too high. Many things like electrical items and furniture can be cheaper for you to buy in Germany rather than cart them all the way from the US.

In order to get a customs clearance in Germany, there is a specified list of documents required, ranging from visa papers, work permits to health insurance. Also, there is a list of items that you are prohibited from shipping, and the moving company should be able to provide you with the list and guide you through it. You must be present at the customs clearance port in Germany when your goods arrive there.

Among the prohibited items in your goods when you are moving to Germany are guns, explosives, radioactive material and even eatables like certain types of meats and wines. All your household used goods require no duty but nothing can be transported in large quantities. Your car can be a part of the shipment, but all the necessary documents must accompany it. Pets like dogs, cats and canaries are allowed entry into the USA with licensed health certificates.

Although it may seem that there is a lot to take care of, and plenty of details to remember, the professional moving know-how of Mover New York will make your international move an easy-to-handle experience.

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