Moving to India from the USA

If you are planning on moving to India, a reliable and experienced international moving company would be the best choice for you. The company should be specialized in overseas moving all over the world. It should help you to reach your destination with ease. The international mover of your choice should first offer you free consultation and have the necessary licenses required for international moving. Insurance cover, door-to-door service, packing, storage facility are some of the services that should be available too. The expenses should be clarified before the moving process, so that you can budget accordingly. With a vast experience of international moving, Mover New York is set to provide you with the required services, and will do its utmost to make the relocation process as pleasant and as simple as possible.

There are specific rules for duty payment when moving to India. Foreign nationals moving to India can be exempted from duty on their goods for various reasons. If they are traveling on a resident visa, business visa, entry visa or a work visa, they do not pay duty. The same applies to a transfer of residence for Indian nationals who have lived abroad for more than two years. When the shipment arrives in India, the owners have to be present during custom clearance.

It is possible for Indian and foreign nationals to bring vehicles when moving to India like a car or a motorcycle. You can bring in one animal to India which could be a dog, a cat or a parrot. However, all health documents should be up-to-date and will be checked by the animal quarantine station in India. Vaccination against rabies is compulsory.

It is also possible to bring foodstuff to India. The limit is $1100 for Indians and $2220 for foreign nationals. Import of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Other articles which are prohibited for import are pornographic material, obscene literature, narcotics, firearms, ammunition and weapons of any kind. Mover New York is familiar with the do's and don'ts of Indian shipping regulations, and will ensure your shipment meets all customs requirements.

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