Moving to Israel from the USA

Moving to Israel cannot be considered the same as any other overseas moving. For each country there is a different procedure for packing, customs regulations and conditions for quarantine. Hence it is important to entrust your precious belongings to a professional and reliable international moving company, who should be qualified to meet your needs in the USA as well as in Israel.

Choose an international moving company like Mover New York, which can arrange the move according to your budget and expectations. If you research online and get free estimates from international movers, you can compare services and costs before making a decision.

Make sure that packing of your goods is done well by separating the furniture, the delicate goods and the unbreakable household items. The packers should take care of everything, right from the packing to picking up the boxes from your location and dispatching them safely to your new location in Israel. Make sure that your goods are insured, which every professional mover should take care of.

According to customs regulations in Israel there is a list of documents required as soon as your goods arrive in Israel. Some of the important documents are passports, visas, custom bond, and proof of employment and certification of residence. The customer must be present in Israel before the shipment arrives and the duty on the goods is according to its value.

New items are liable for duty, but other used household goods are not dutiable. Electronic items, tools, camping and sports equipment are some of the goods for which duty is levied. Several items like firearms, narcotics, fresh meat and dangerous chemicals are prohibited. Printed matter should be marked on inventory and packed separately. Check before importing your motor vehicle, because some automobiles are subject to full customs duties. Pets require vaccination records and a health certificate to enter Israel.

Mover New York can tell you much more about the ins and outs of the international move to Israel. Most importantly, with Mover New York on the job – you can rest assured your cargo will arrive in Israel safely.

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